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The Family Resource Center, Inc., founded in 1983, is a non-profit organization providing shelter, education, and support services to males, females, and children who have experienced, been impacted by or exposed to domestic or sexual violence, abuse, neglect, and stalking. FRC’s comprehensive programming targets individuals, families, and the community at-large. These programs include emergency shelter, individual supportive counseling and advocacy, 24-hour crisis hot-line, community education & awareness, and volunteering. Our service area includes the counties of Bland, Carroll, Grayson, Smyth, Wythe, and the city of Galax.

Mission & Philosophy

The mission of the Family Resource Center, Inc. is to provide education, resources, and services to the community addressing the issues of domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, and child abuse & neglect.
Family Resource Center Inc., is committed to fostering a community that does not tolerate domestic and sexual violence, understands the dynamics of these issues, and is aware of available resources. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive environment for our clients, assuring the provision of information, education, and advocacy to enhance self-esteem and promote healing. We are committed to providing a full range of services and resources such as crisis intervention, supportive counseling, legal advocacy, education, and referrals to empower clients to make informed decisions and positive lifestyle changes.

FRC’s Statement of Equity

The Family Resource Center is dedicated to making a safe and equitable space for all members of our community. The process is ongoing, requiring us to identify and overcome intentional and unintentional barriers arising from bias or systemic structures. 

 We are committed to ensuring the benefits of our services extend to all persons, with a special focus on correcting the underserved needs of the elderly, persons of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ communities. We pursue this work by informing community leaders, members and allied professionals with continued training and education, and through developing our staff as leaders for equity while maintaining a focus on diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our operations. We recognize that any person can experience domestic or sexual violence, stalking or child abuse/neglect regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, income level, or disability status. Therefore, it is imperative to us that all persons have meaningful access to services and feel safe within our agency. We also recognize, as individuals and as an organization, that an important step in the quest for equity is to better understand systems of inequity—and in particular, to understand ourselves, and our own identities, cultures, and roles in these systems. 

 We will strive to model equity within the workings of our own team or organization. Some of the ways we plan on doing this are: 

  1. Gathering community input in a variety of methods, 
  2. Maintaining robust Inclusion Councils to focus on the needs of diverse populations
  3. Ensure that staff and board openings reflect our increasingly diverse community
  4. Increasing our language access, especially to the Spanish speaking community
  5. Partnering with national, state and local groups that are pertinent to these specific populations to help increase our outreach and efficacy 
  6. Ensuring any client that needs special accommodations (alternative service methods, accessibility needs, etc.) have those needs met

This equity work will help to build bridges—between staff, survivors, and community partners as we all work together to realize and benefit from the value of diversity through increasingly equitable and inclusive institutions. 



Staff Qualifications:

  • A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and LPC in Residence
  • Five staff certified by the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists
    • Four Certified Trauma Services Specialists
    • One Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist
  • Hundreds of hours of training on crisis intervention, trauma and case management

Board of Directors

  • Treva Adams, Wythe County
  • Amy Atwood, Smyth County
  • Lyndsey Eastridge, Grayson County
  • Agustina Silva, Wythe County
  • Kay Richardson, Smyth County
  • Regina Williams, Wythe County
  • Jennifer G. Walters, Wythe County



Where to Find Us

FRC has 3 office locations, in Wytheville, Marion and Galax. All in-person meetings are by appointment only. To set up an appointment or to talk to someone about your needs, call 1.276.625.0219 during regular business hours. For emergency services call 1.800.613.6145.


The Family Resource Center works hard to provide reasonable accommodations to people who work, volunteer or receive services with us. Our buildings are wheelchair accessible and we provide interpreter services for those who need it. If you need special accommodations, please let one of our staff know when scheduling services.

Interpreter Services

The Family Resource Center provides a variety of options for interpreter services. All staff have access to Language Line’s video and phone services which offers interpreting for over 100 world languages. For Spanish speaking clients, we also have a partnership with the Latinos Empowerment Center of Virginia to help provide our advocacy services.

Service Animals

We welcome service animals in our offices. If you need special accommodations for your service animal, please let us know in advance of services.

We also make reasonable accommodations for pets (service and non-service) in our shelters. If you have any questions about bringing your pet into shelter with you, please call us.


We are committed to the accessibility of our website. We welcome your suggestions. Please help us remove any barriers you may experience in navigating this site by contacting us with your comments.